Olestølen mountain cabin is open this winter every weekend from 11/2-17 until after Easter. During the winter holidays (week 7, 8 and 9 and the Easter week) it is open every day, and during week 9 it is open wednesday and friday as well as the weekend.

Opening times are from 11:00am to 15:00pm

Olestølen is a great place to simply come in and warm up whilst enjoing fresh waffles and hot chocolate, or when the sun is shining you can sit outside in our outdoor seating area and relax with some great mountain views.

Olestølen`s meny:

Hot chocoalte with cream
Soft drinks
Sausage and wrap
Waffles with cream and jam

We look forward to seeing you at Olestølen!

(In the case of bad weather we might be closed. In this case, just call us to see if we are open: 91 52 02 32)